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Maria Wettergren Gallery

Original silver print photographies and projections of “Music for the Eye” "I think that one of the roles of the artist... is to help others to rediscover their gaze (on the world and on things) and with the gaze the sense of wonder that is so fundamental according to Heschel."  1 Let's follow Étienne Bertrand Weill's reasoning: what could be greater than to perceive the world and things, fully, and to be amazed by what we see? The enchantment engendered by the photographs called Metaforms by É.B. Weill is perhaps magical in nature, or in any case, "supernatural", as Jean Arp said in a poem dedicated…

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BnF François-Mitterrand, Paris

Vertige du corps September 16 - November 18 2012 The Bibliothèque Nationale de France presents the work of photographer Etienne Bertrand Weill (1919-2001) in the Julien Cain aisle. An itinerary based on modern prints allows us to discover a work that is an example of the fertile crossroads of languages and forms between photography and live performance in the second half of the 20th century. At the beginning of his artistic career, in the immediate post-war period, Etienne Bertrand Weill first devoted himself to humanist reportage and architectural photography. In search of new forms of expression, he turned to the Parisian avant-garde scene. Exhibition catalogue…

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